Starting off at School


Tom Goes to Kindergarten
Margaret Wild

It’s Tom’s first day of school and he wants his family to stay. His teacher allows them to participate, but they have such fun playing dress-up and singing “I’m a Little Teapot” that they want to stay the next day as well.

'Tom Goes to Kindergarten' book cover

First Day Jitters
Julie Danneberg

Sarah has first day jitters about going to a new school. She hides under the covers stumbles downstairs to breakfast and slumps in her seat on the way to school. Will she be able to handle her first day?

'First Day Jitters' book cover

When You Go to Kindergarten
James Howe

This book, full of photos, covers the events of a typical school day. Boarding the bus, walking, saying goodbye, making new friends, and other daily activities are all discussed.

'When You Go to Kindergarten' book cover

Little Bear Goes to Kindergarten
Jutta Langreuter

Little Bear likes his teacher and thinks school will be fun, but only if Mama stays with him. Perhaps a new friend will help him make it through the first day of kindergarten.

'Little Bear Goes to Kindergarten' book cover

Froggy Goes to School
Jonathan London

That funny Froggy is at it again. This time he is flop, flop, flopping to school. Will he show up in his underwear? Will he make a mess? Or will everything turn out fine after all?

'Froggy Goes to School' book cover

The Kissing Hand
Audrey Penn

Chester Raccoon is nervous about his first night at school, until his mother shares a secret that will make him feel as warm and cozy at school as he does at home.

'The Kissing Hand' book cover

A Pirate's Guide to First Grade
James Preller

A young boy describes his first day of first grade in pirate terms. Embark on a grand adventure as he boards the bus and discover what treasure lies where “X” marks the spot.

'A Pirate's Guide to First Grade' book cover

Countdown to Kindergarten
Alison McGhee

Kindergarten starts in ten days and our heroine does not know how to tie her shoes. She is sure she will not be allowed to ask her teacher for help and creatively tries to avoid the shoelace issue altogether.

'Countdown to Kindergarten' book cover

Who Will Go to School Today?
Karl Ruhmann

Sam does not want to go to kindergarten. Instead, he plans to send his stuffed monkey, Timbo, in his place. As he prepares Timbo for the school day, he begins to reconsider.

'Who Will Go to School Today?' book cover

Benjamin Bigfoot
Mary Serfozo

Benjamin loves his dad’s big shoes. He wears them everywhere, but is shocked to discover they may not be right for school. A trial run with his new teacher helps him decide whether the shoes will work or not.

'Benjamin Bigfoot' book cover

Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten
Joseph Slate

Miss Bindergarten’s classroom is empty and dark and her students are getting ready to start school. Can she transform her room into a bright, cheerful place before the students arrive?

'Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten' book cover

Make New Friends
Rosemary Wells

Juanita has just moved from Texas to Hilltop School. There are new faces to memorize, songs to sing and games to play. Will she find a way to fit in with Mrs. Jenkins’ class?

'Make New Friends' book cover

How Do Dinosaurs Go to School?
Jane Yolen

How does a dinosaur go to school? Does he make a big fuss or interrupt show-and-tell? Of course not. Jane Yolen’s dinosaurs raise their hands and help their classmates through the day.

'How Do Dinosaurs Go to School?' book cover

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