Memory Lab

What is a Memory Lab?

It is a do-it-yourself station that allows patrons access to equipment for digitizing home videos, personal documents, photographs and slides. Patrons can preserve and share media that is in danger of deterioration and as the equipment required to use it becomes harder to find. We provide the instructions and patrons can control how they digitize their materials.

The lab can be reserved for a 2-hour session.

Formats Accepted

  • VHS
  • Photos/slides/negatives
  • Personal documents

Formats Saved On
(Customer Provided)

  • External Hard Drive
  • USB
  • Cloud Storage
Memory lab station
Why should I archive personal documents?

Protection: Important documents can become damaged or lost due to natural disasters or accidents. Digitizing and saving to multiple places protects against risk.

Organization: Personal collections can now contain large amounts of items such as keepsakes, journals or digital email, etc. Digitization can help people to locate, reference and re-use their personal collections.

Legacy: What you create and what you produce in daily life could be important for your loved ones and for the cultural record.

How do I use the memory lab?

  1. Book an appointment. The Memory Lab is open while the computer lab is not in use.
  2. Arrive for your first session 15 minutes early. Check-in with staff at the Adult Reference Desk.
  3. Sign the Participant Release Form. Completing this form at the beginning of your first session is required. If you are younger than 18, parental/legal guardian consent is required. Children must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times.
  4. Staff may inspect your digital media to ensure that it does not harm Memory Lab equipment.
  5. Staff will direct you to the memory lab station!

Liability Limitation

Samuels Public Library will not be responsible for any damages to materials or errors in conversions, and are not liable for any copyright infringement. Each patron assumes all responsibility for observing copyright restrictions and other laws when using equipment in the Library. The Library reserves the right to refuse any request for conversion services where the Library or any staff member feels a violation of the law may occur as a result of conversion.
Personal Items & Food and Beverages
Media, media storage, and personal items cannot be stored in the lab. Safety and security of personal belongings and media brought to the Lab are the responsibility of the user. Food is not allowed in the lab. Screw-top non-alcoholic beverages are allowed but must be kept away from lab equipment.

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